Are You Looking For R.N. Experience.

  1. If New York City is giving you a hard time to find an R.N. position in a hospital setting, then you should cone to Alabama.
    Took me 14 days to get an Alabama RN license and as little as 5 hours after I submitted an online application. I was called for a job interview. I applied for 9 different hospitals and I got 5 jobs offered. The other 4 hospitals called me a month or 2. But, by the time they called me, it was too late already....
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  3. by   FSZ Student Nurse
    LOL, thanks for the tip! I'll keep it mind...
  4. by   karmax1
    The hardest part is to coordinate all the activities before a job interview and finding a place to live.
    In Alabama, the public transportation is virtually no good comparing to NYC. In other words, you will need to buy a car if you decide to work in Alabama for a year or two.
    I only have an AAS in Nursing and getting a Med/Surg or Critical Care job is really as easy as 1, 2, 3. Many hospitals also hire LPN's in the Med/Surg Units.
    The pay is low; but, after a year, you can go anywhere you want to go.