Apt Near Mt Sinai

  1. Hello!

    I will be in the market for a 1 BR apartment to be available in June-Mid June 2018.
    Does anyone know about the Mount Sinai subsidized housing?
    If anyone has any helpful information on what to expect to pay or have helpful resources to share, I would really appreciate it!
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  3. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Not cheap, but a new building on East 115th and Park Avenue, which is about ten blocks from Mount Sinai. 111 East 115th Street, NYC - Rental Apartments | CityRealty

    East Harlem/Yorkville and Upper East Side are the neighborhoods close to Mount Sinai. Of the three I'd prefer UES and Yorkville, but....

    You can also look across the park at Harlem/Morningside Heights and Upper West Side