Anyone starting Nursing at BMCC in the Fall?

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  3. by   janetrette
    i'm a bmcc nursing student and currently going to 4th semester of the nursing courses. usually, they would notify you either by mail whether or not if you got into the nursing program. and if you did, then they have this schedule where you can register. try to be there as early as possible. if it's 11am to register be there at least 9am! no joke! you get the first pick. usually people take the morning class.
  4. by   aespangl
    Are you a preclinical student? I am set to start in fall & have not registered yet, as well as do not know the date. If you have any info, pls help. Thanks.
  5. by   janetrette
    no i'm not a pre-clincial nursing student. currently i am a nursing student on my 4th and last semester before graduation.
    maybe you should call the nursing dept to find out more details.