Adelphi University Fall 2012 TEAs

  1. I'm working toward gaining admission to the fall 2012 program at Adelphi University's Garden City campus. I failed the TEAs exam (Reading portion by 2%) on the first attempt. If anyone else failed a section the first time and had to take the whole exam again, tell me how it went for you the 2nd time around. I called nursing admissions @ AU and they made me feel confident about getting in after I take the test again in June--apparently they will sum up the two separate scores. I would like to hear it from someone who has been through it firsthand. This almost sounds too easy...
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  4. by   kathysus

    did you pass it the next time you took it? did you get into adelphi? i failed my TEAS by a couple of points like does that work, adelphi summing two scores of two TEAS exams ?