ACLS ORIGINAL where can do it for a reasonable price

  1. pls i need the names of places that offer the ACLS original course for a reasonable price .close to bronx ,westchester,manhattan.thanks pls include how much it will cost and contact info
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  3. by   NurseFairy
    Linardo's Health Institute in Flushing. I think it's $285 for ACLS original. They also offer an ACLS prep course for $125. And you can get your BLS renewed at the same time as the ACLS course but I'm not sure how much that would be.
  4. by   stiltarget
    look under some of the EMS institutes. thy specialize in BCLS,ACLS,PALS ect... and they run frequent classes.....NY METHODIST paramedic program, emergancy care program, st johns ems......