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Hey folks.... Happy New Year to all! With this New Year comes a new job. I accepted a position at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Cornell). Interview process took several months but I was... Read More

  1. by   jano
    Hi expathopeful,

    Thanks, Im already done with online assessment with 23 questions before I was interviewed by
    On the phone. Next is to wait 7 to 10 days for recruitment team to tell me what to do next.
    What unit are you working right now? Did you remember all the questions
    Asked by nurse recruiter cos I see in your thread it was an hour
    Interview. Were you a new grad when you applied? I'm applying at
    Nyp westchester with 2 years experience. Thanks for any info.
  2. by   jano
    Hi yendis, i know it's a long time ago, did you get the job at nyp? Cos I was interviewed for 15 minutes last Oct 11 and was told I will receive an email or call from nurse recruitment team.
  3. by   jano
    Hi expathopeful, I am scheduled for an interview at NYP Westchester county on december 5 with the nurse recruiter. hows your work at NYP cornell? when did your health insurance kicked in?
  4. by   ExpatHopeful
    Hey Jano - I just PMed you, but basically job is fantastic so far and I feel so lucky to have gotten this job as a new grad.

    Health insurance, vacation, and education benefits kick in after two full calendar months of employment.
  5. by   88pomme
    Does anyone have access to the NLN practice exam? There is only the 5 question DEMO one online.

  6. by   RNcompassionate
    Hi all , can someone please share some info on this topic? I have already taken the online behavioral assessment test and then had my phone interview this past Monday which went well i think. The recruiter said she would forward my info to a manager and I would be contacted in a few weeks. I received an email last night saying ,

    "Thank you for your continued interest in NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Though we are still currently reviewing applicants for the position you applied for we maintain interest in your candidacy and will be able to inform you of the status as soon as it is determined. We appreciate your patience and continued interest."

    Has anyone else received this email ? If so , did u still get called for an interview ? How long did it take to receive the call ?

    Thanks !
  7. by   humblenurse12
    @RNcompassionate- I did the phone interview as well and received an email the next day titled, "New Grad RN waitlist update." It didn't say exactly the same thing your said, but they seemed to have the same meaning. Maybe it has something to do with whichever location your app was sent. The talent specialist said she would send mine to the Westchester location and somebody would contact me in 1-2 weeks. She never said anything about an email. Hopefully it means we're one step closer!! Which location do she forward your application?
  8. by   RNcompassionate
    Thank you very much for responding humblenurse12, the recruiter said my application will be forwarded to the Cornell location. I hope it means we're getting closer to being hired too!! :spin: A friend of mine just got hired there and she said the whole process from when she first applied online until actually being hired took 2 months !! Wow ! i didn't know it took that long...Which location did you interview for ? What department ?
  9. by   humblenurse12
    @RNcompassionate-I haven't interviewed yet. I just had the phone interview one week ago, I'll give it two weeks. The Westchester location is all psych, hopefully I get to work on the eating disorder unit. What unit are you trying to get on?
  10. by   humblenurse12
    Also, @RNcompassionate-Did your friend receive an email after her initial phone interview as well?
  11. by   RNcompassionate
    @ humblenurse12.....The eating disorder unit sounds pretty interesting actually...When I had the phone interview the recruiter asked me what unit I was interested in and I said the O.R., L&D , pre and postpartum and she said she could interview me for any area at this point but that she may be able to get me in the O.R. . She said that there arent really any Women's Health positions available right now ....i guess not at the Cornell location. Yes ! I spoke to my friend a few days ago and she said she had recieved the exact same email that I recieved so that makes me feel better. Now I'm just waiting for the next step.

    humblenurse12 --You will probably get a call before me since you seem to have had your phone interview before I did.
  12. by   humblenurse12
    RNcompassionate- I actually got a call back yesterday!!! My interview is Tuesday!! I'm sure you will get a call soon. Stay positive!!
  13. by   RNcompassionate