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New travel nurse

by Nitenurce Nitenurce (New) New

I'm new to travel nursing and received a contract to sign. It states 13 weeks, 12 hour shifts, 7pm - 7:30am. Reimbursement: I put this in quotations "take home per shift: $471.95" and "take home for assignment: $3067.74". That's is, no other details or breakdown regarding the reimbursement. I see other travelers talking online about taxable, non taxable, housing, meals, etc. Honestly, it's kind of confusing. Does the contract have to say and break down all these things. I didn't think it was a bad offfer, I'm just not sure and need help before signing. I'm in New York. Thanks in advance for your input. Please help.

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Something is wrong on the numbers posted. But yes, you need more numbers. Pretty darned difficult to specify takehome and you might like info about overtime pay and when it starts, like 36, 40, or 48th hour.

Thanks. After some more research and understanding the numbers. They (Readylink) were very vague and unwilling to provide more detailed information. They said everything was included but would not provide specific numbers, so I decided not to sign the contract with them. Again, thank you. Much appreciated.

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