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New here!


Hey everyone! I'm new to this website but so far I like what I see! I'm starting the nursing program at Phillips Community College in August. It's an ADN program and I'll be in the first class for this location! Anyone familiar with PCC? Anyone know what all you really need for your first semester of nursing school? It all seems so overwhelming...our orientation is the week before classes start and I'm worried I'll be going nuts trying to get tons of stuff overnighted to be here in time!


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I am not familiar with your school, but, as a rule, you need time over anything else for a nursing program. Good Luck!

Thank you! I will have that...I have a very supportive husband and will be quitting my job to focus solely on school. I know a lot of people don't get that opportunity. I also have a one year old son, so the free afternoons for studying sure will be nice!

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