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New supervisor role


I am starting a new role next month as a supervisor/manager for a group of PNPs. We have about 30 in our group and there are 2 other supervisors plus an overall director head. I'll be doing about 50/50 admin and clinical time. Just wanted to ask if anyone has been in this type of role and any advice? Like any recommended leadership type books? People are generally pretty cool, not much drama in the group, which is nice.

InSchool4eva20, MSN, RN

Specializes in Instructor of Nursing and Med/surg nurse. Has 13 years experience.

I know Sigma Theta Tau International as some books available on leadership that are good!

ghillbert, MSN, NP

Specializes in CTICU. Has 25 years experience.

Look at your institution - we have a lot of modules available with regards to leadership, as well as mentorship. Talk to managers you respect about how to handle things. Keep up lines of communication with your reports, but be circumspect about what you share. It is certainly a different dynamic to be a supervisor to your peers, and it doesn't always make you popular.