New role- procedural sedations RN- HELP please!

by ISRN ISRN (New) New

Hi ladies and gents,

I am hoping for some advice and reassurance.

HX: some gen surg experience (2 years, my first job out of school), mostly clinics after (all sorts), a LONG mat leave

Now: new job, in an clinic doing procedural sedations (mod-deep) for surgeries.

Problem: I feel like I remember, nothing. I've been reading about meds in the past month, going over my ACLS, but I'm scared. I've been out of that environment for so long.

Any advice on what to watch out for with this type of sedations?

What kind of things make an alarm bell go off in your head (besides an actual monitor alarming d/t low sats or something like that)

I know vasovagal syncope is common in these environments (I've been told)- what's the best way to deal with it? ANy way to prevent it?

Please share any tips or tricks- I would appreciate it so.

I feel like somewhere deep in my brain I must know some of this, but being out of the environment has really eroded that trust that I know...

Thanks so much guys!