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New RNs running the floor


It sucks that LTC/ SNFs hire new RNs to manage experienced LVNs, CNAs, and Med aides, on top of learning how to assess, intervene, and advocate for Residents. It’s just a *** show waiting to happen in almost every instance. It takes a very clever, and personable RN to navigate these waters successfully 🤦🏽‍♀️.

That is truly frustrating. And neither the new RN nor the experienced staff is going to benefit from it. I'm a long time RN, who has worked admin side and floor side. And I prefer/choose the direct care floor side. Great working relationship with LVNs, aides, other departments direct floor staff. And then along comes a new RN, to direct us all. Such a slow down of the care provided. But I don't really know a solution?