New pvt trick works to prove i failed


I took my nclex rn on September 16 and when I tried the new pvt trick using an old debit card it tried to take money out and told me that the card was declined.Today September 18 I just found out that I failed the NCLEX.I am not giving up, being an RN is my destiny.I will retake in 45 days!!! I just want to let others know that the new pvt trick confirmed that I had failed when I did it 2 days ago before my unofficial quick results today.So it still works for some that fail nclex.

Thank you for the information about the PVT.

Sorry to hear you did not pass, but do not let it put you down. Youll be able to do it!

Yes its back to the drawing board.I will succeed next time!!!

BellaRose4281, LVN

Has 7 years experience.

Sorry to hear that you failed. You'll get it next time.

Thanks for the encouragement BellaRose4281!!!