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New position in Ortho clinic

by Nick11rs Nick11rs (New) New

I work for a busy teaching hospital that serves the lower socioecomomic clientele. The ortho clinic is going to hire a nurse manager. I currently work as a nurse manager, received my MBA last year but have limited ortho experience. I may be crazy but I would love to work in Ortho. The clinic sees up to 100-150 patients/day and there are often 2-4 hours wait time for patients. They also have 8-10 walk-ins/day. Staffing currently consists of MAs, LPNs, cast tech, and office staff. I am interested in the position because of patient access, quality, and customer service.

I recently observed for only one hour and noted there are a number of issues. Only 6 rooms assigned for this clinic (they have 1 staff physicians, 3-4 residents, interns, and med students). Clinic starts at 8 am but patients are not roomed until 0830-0840 due to the registration process. Walk-ins also back the clinic up.

I plan to go back and observe for a longer time period. Any suggestions???