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New Pearson Site!!!! PVT Still Accurate????


Has 2 years experience.

I took the NCLEX-PN Thursday 8/21/14 at 8am. I tried the PVT just about every other hour after my test and got the "good pop-up", again on Friday same thing. Then on Saturday when I logged on the entire pearson website changed. The layout, colors, everything is different on the site. Now when I try the PVT it takes me to the payment page. I don't know what to think. California does not participate in "Quick Results", so not I have to wait 3 weeks for official results. Wondering if anyone has had the same experience yet with the new site. Is the PVT still accurate??

You have to submit your cc info this time. If you get sent back to step two there's the pop up. If you don't and it takes your money then well... Nothing is guarenteed. I did the trick last night and got the pop up. I figured if I failed then it's paid for next time. I found out I passed today. A few others did it and passed as well. It's the NEW trick. But nothing is guarenteed until it is. And Cali sucks for not having quick results. I'd die if I lived there. Good luck!