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New Pay Practices.

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Hey everyone, Just wanting to get some opinions if this situation has ever happened in your companies.

background: So our company recently been bought out by the bigger hospital administration in our state along with another so now all 3 companies have been combined to make one big healthcare system. Well there has been a boat load of changes that have been happening but one change in particular has been stirring up the nurses around here. effective starting next week we have new pay practices starting up. SN: we work at the SNF within the company.

1. No overtime until after 40hrs a week

2. No more shift % differentials . before it was 3% days, 11% afternoons, 7% mn. that included if you picked up overtime on those shifts.

3. overtime is straight $1 hour extra during the week, and $0.50 on the weekends

4. We are currently 8hr shifts and would like 12hrs like the rest of the snf/ltc within the company.

5. We SNF/LTC and the 1 hospital out of the company are the first to have this new pay practice roll out.

have anyone experienced such a drastic change, how did you all take it? we are non union.

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