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New Nurse Residency/ Graduate Programs -What can I expect?

by Barge9er9er Barge9er9er (New) New


For a new nurse residency program, what can I expect in terms of what is expected from me right off the bat? Is there an orientation with the ability to shadow first, or do they expect us to do skill check offs and other such competencies immediately? 

I passed the NCLEX a couple years ago and have not been working as a hands on nurse since then.

I am now beyond excited to be starting the new grad program and am reviewing a lot of my old material, but just want to make sure I am walking in there as prepared as I can be.

Thank you in advance.


p.s. The new grad program seems to have the following break down:

-1st week: new hire (boring) stuff

-Week 2-4: immersion orientation

-10 to 13wks of Immersion with preceptor, including lectures and class time off the unit. 

-After 13wks, we are on our own, but have a mentor we can check in with.