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New nurse grad in chicago

by everz11 everz11 (New) New


I just graduated this summer and recently passed my NCLEX. Took a risk and moved to Chicago because it was a dream. I am having a hard time finding a nursing position in the city. I've been applying for months...I have experience as a CNA, and yet no luck as a new grad.

I had a series of interviews at a hospital and have not yet heard from them so I am starting to get nervous that it was a no. Does anyone have any suggestions of hospitals that are more likely to hire new nurse grads in chicago?

Cheers! Any comments would help.

Try university of chicago. I know a new grad that just got hired on the onc floor. They also take new grads I the ICUs. Just be aware that HR there can take awhile to get back to you.

What school did you attend...?

I am also a new grad that moved to IL, I have been applying for a few weeks but no luck so far. It seems all they ask is experience and BSN (I just graduated with ADN).

Can anybody suggest to apply only online or go to hospitals and give resume directly to HR people?