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New (to neuro!)

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Hi everyone!

I am transitioning from med/surg/tele where I was for a year to stroke-tele... and am slightly petrified! What should I expect?

I LOVE neuro and I'm so excited for the change, but what should I brush up on? Read before I start? Common procedures/assessment techniques?

I got ACLS and NIHSS trained, so hopefully that will help..! But I'd love to hear any other experiences/recommendations you may have!

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Anything that calms the nervous system will go a long way for your patients! Is the unit environment calm with subdued lighting, for example? Are artificial sweeteners banned from the environment...they are neurotoxic...anti-inflammatory foods are important. There is even liquid nutrition 100% organic full of nutrients, protein, low carb that can be given via tube feeding.

Hope you are enjoying your new workplace.

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