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I'm a LVN that has worked only in the Houston, TX area my 20 years...I'm currently temporarily living with my mother in the Simpson county area, because of her health. I've only talked to a couple of nurses here, but I understand, MS pays significantly lower than TX, and that there are areas in MS, Jackson, and Meridian that I should avoid, because of gang violence.

1. What is the pay for this area of MS for LPN/LVN

2. How dangerous is the gang situation?

3. What are some good nursing agencies to apply with in these areas?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated....

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FL_Nurse92 has 2 years experience.

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It pays lower because the cost of living is lower. I am originally from MS and moved to FL. I am from the coast of MS, Bay St. Louis to be exact and not to be biased but if I were going to live in MS, it would be somewhere on the coast. I cannot stand Jackson and I have only passed through Meridian. I would look at hospitals in Gulport, Biloxi, or Ocean Springs (all on the coast). I cannon speak on pay for an LPN because I only know RN's that work in MS. Regardless of where you end up city wise, your experience should get you a few added bucks.

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