Possibly moving to Albuquerque

  1. I currently live North of Gallup, NM and my family and I are considering a move to Albuquerque. Any information on UNM Hospital, Lovelance or any other facility would be greatly appreciated.

    My husband gets his medical care from the Albuquerque V.A. and I've considered applying there. I currently work for the government and have worked for the V.A. before. A PRN position would suit me fine -government or not.

    I can work Peds, LTC, Tele, Med/Surg, Psych and will start a case management and wound care program in the Spring.

    Any insight on housing would be great, too.

    Thanks :-)
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  3. by   junebug625
    The VA recently advertised they are hiring.
    Lots of housing of all prices, easy to check mls for sales or craigslist for rentals; but be careful of the scams........
    good luck