New Mexico Endorsement Question

  1. I recently applied for New Mexico RN licensure endorsement (I am not part of the compact states.) If anyone has been through the process, do you know if I have to send the NM BON my nursing school transcripts? It didn't mention it on the checklist, but I thought I read something about it on the site. Also, about how long did the process take to be licensed? Thanks!
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  3. by   IndianaHH
    I just moved to NM (3 wks ago) myself. My license is from a non contact state also so I will be blessed with the paperwork shuffle soon. I've spoken to half a doz nurses in my area who've all mentioned getting endorsement is a headache and takes forever. They did mentioned that the NM BON is very picky about following step by step the instructions for license, and dont think it will be quickly accomplished. Hopefully these are inaccurate statements. Good luck, and welcome to NM.