Lovelace New Grad program?

  1. Does anyone know what it's like working as a RN in Lovelace health system? I haven't seen much mentioned about this organization. I know that they're currently in the process of ownership change. It also seems that there's controversy over lovelace's past. The new grad program starts on June 6 and there's a two year contract. Any thoughts? Info?
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  3. by   mcary94
    Could you explain what the new grad program is?
  4. by   MKIVSupraRN
    Lovelaces new grad program in Abq is for nurse graduates (nursing students who just graduated from nursing school and or nursing students in level 4 who are a few weeks away from graduation). It's a program where new nurse graduates can transition from nursing school to actual floor work. It later then helps the new grads get a job with Lovelace after finishing the 6 week program. You essential sign a contract with Lovelace when nurse grads apply saying you will join their team after you finish the new grad program with them.