Getting NM license from non compact state

  1. I'm thinking of moving to New Mexico, if things with the new interest of my life works out. I am currently an RN in Indiana...clean nursing license, never have had any trouble with nursing.
    I do have a misdeameanor in the background check though. Three and a half years ago the ex refused to return my son to me from a wknd visitation, and he threatened to hurt me if I did anything, like call the cops. The ex is a cop ....
    Any way I freaked....and drove to the family farm house, removed his crossbow, shotguns, and rifles, and threw them into the Wabash River. My attorney was confident nothing would become of the incident... unfortunately she was wrong.
    I plead bargain just so I'd not face a trial, the ex was old buddies with both the sheriff and the judge. I took a misdeameanor, paid resitution, and its in the past.
    I'm wanting to start a new life, in a new place... and work in Healing Touch/holistic nursing.....
    so anyone have any ideas how the NM BON will act?
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