Did I unbid myself for a PRN job?

  1. I may have underbid!

    If you don’t mind if you or anyone knows how much PRN nurses make usually at LTC facilities. I went for an interview for PRN today ( not my first choice, but seeing that I haven’t got a job yet)was asked how much I was looking at for starting. I was not expecting to be asked, assumed she would tell me a scale. Needlesss to say I think I shot myself in the foot when I said $25. The facility is probably jumping for joy since they have to pay me less! As a new grad I don’t know how to negotiate yet, because I’m not sure what the competitive pay is. I realize that PRN is w/o benfits such as insurance and PTO. I’m sure PRN nurses make more for this reason. Can you please give me a range of what they make so I may renegotiate?
    Not sure PRN is the way to go, but I'm getting desperate as the bills add up and no paycheck By the way payscale for nursing jobs in ABQ would be greatly appreciateD.
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