CNM's Nursing Program

  1. Anyone care to share there experience with CNM(/TVI)'s nursing program? I can't seem to find many anecdotal experiences and would love to hear some.
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  3. by   yooper13
    I can't really help with the experience, but I would also like to hear anyone else who has been/is enrolled in CNM's nursing program. I recently petitioned, and am eagerly awaiting to begin...
  4. by   Just Jenn RN
    I am currently in the RN program at CNM and I really enjoy it. It isn't easy, but I am sure that no one expects it to be. I went into the program with no previous healthcare experience aside from the NAHA course, but there are many great lecturers and clinical instructors that do so much to help you learn the skills. Of course, there are always one or two that you may not jive with, but there are so many other resources if you find that you are not as comfortable with a particular person.

    The best part is the great students and new friends that I have met so far.