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New LVN Grad Programs???

by baseballmama baseballmama (New) New

I graduated from a Vocational Nursing program in August 2010, passed Boards in October 2010, and am actively looking for a job. Does anyone know of any programs out there that are similar to the residency programs for new RNs that would be for an LVN? I am hoping to find something that works for a new grad LVN that is looking to transition into an RN program. From what I've been finding on allnurses.com as well as the internet it seems that an internship/residency type of program would really be a great way to get a solid start. By the time new grads find a job you've been out of cliniclas for months...skills are getting a bit rusty...

Thanks for the feedback!


tothepointeLVN, LVN

Specializes in Hospice / Ambulatory Clinic. Has 3 years experience.

Unfortunately to my knowledge there are no residency programs for LVN's