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New kid on the block

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I interviewed for a position on my hospital's MIU/peds unit last week with the intention of eventually transitioning to L&D once a position became available. I received a call today from the manager and I was offered a position on the L&D part of the unit!!! 

I accepted the position and am so very excited/nervous but sad to leave my old unit. I am sure that I will love L&D but I love my coworkers and patients on my current unit and will miss the comraderie and culture of the unit that made me a nurse.

I am re-reading parts of my OB textbook but looking for resources experienced L&D nurses would recommend for a newbie. 

I remember reading a similar thread awhile back but couldn't find it when I searched.

Recommendations, advice, links to old threads are all appreciated!!

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Buy a copy of "Mosby's Pocket Guide to EFM" by the Millers, et al. You can get it on Amazon for around $40. It's, IMO, the best single reference to fetal monitoring. 

Good luck!

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