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  1. Hey guys I have a question regarding working in NJ or NY. I'm currently living and working in NY right now but I'm getting married to someone from NJ. Can anyone tell me about the salaries in NJ compared to NY? I dont want to lose my union benefits but I'd also like to know if the commute time is worth it from NJ to NY. Any answers are appreciated!

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  3. by   PartyTheNightAway
    Im a new grad making 35/hour right now in central jersey.
  4. by   iheartnursing91
    Thanks for your reply. What hospital are you at? 35 seems a bit low. Is this day or night? When I was a new nurse in NY, I started at 45/hr. Do you guys have good nurseatient ratios? Ours is terrible. We often have 6-10 pts a shift in the ED.