Way down South Jersey - Are there any Night/ weekend RN Programs?

  1. I live in Cumberland County which is 30 minutes south from Philadelphia, 20 minutes south of Rowan University and 50 minutes north of Atlantic City.
    All the schools that I've looked into do not have a night or weekend program for RN.
    I am starting from the ground up with a career change but I have to keep my full time/ day time job.
    Are there any schools close by that have evening and weekend programs? I found one at jersey college but that's an hour drive for me after a full day that will be difficult.

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  3. by   Kelly_bean
    Hey, Atlantic Cape now offers en evening option. The evening cohort has lecture once a week from 6-10 and clinical a twice weekly from 5-10.
  4. by   Miss.Jersey
    There certainly are schools that offer an evening option. I just graduated Cumberland Counties program, and was in the evening group.
  5. by   Tmich
    Really!? I am going to have to definitely look into this. Thank you.
  6. by   Tmich
    Wow. I called and spoke to the director last year and he told me that they do not have an RN program in the evening.
    I am going to have to call again and see what I can find out.
    Thank you.