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  1. Can anyone help me please how to pass 131 in trintas school of nursing. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Which hospital do I have to choose for my clinicals and any books might be helpful for the class?
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Have you asked your classmates, check the syllabus or the academic advisor ? Your query is rather specific for a public message board.
  4. by   NJ2013
    as suggested above..

    in addition, when taking notes from the book, use the power points as your guide.. make sure you understand what the questions is asking, know your content (symptoms, meds, rn interventions, etc), pay attention to the lecture, and take notes from it.. Do not procrastinate on your required readings.

    Practice math problems, those are given points and don't take them for granted.. also study for the quizzes, and try to get 100 for those

    As per the clinical site, it really depends what work for you. I know they offer trinitas, and overlook hospital.
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