schools in nj

  1. is anyone here that can recommend a good school for lpn or rn that has a decent passing rate for their program.
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    From what I heard while working in NJ, Brookdale Community College and Rutgers had pretty good programs.....

  4. by   tenrn1
    Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck had 100% last class
  5. by   romashkarn
    What about NJCU for RN's ? Is it good school ?
  6. by   RNdudeNNJ
    I don't know about LPN programs, but the RN program at County College of Morris was tough but the passing rate is extremely high. I have heard it is tough to get accepted in their program now because of the high number of applicants, but it is worth a shot. Here's their site: .

    Good Luck