Require Texts 4 NURE 130 Trinitas SON/UCC???

  1. i would like to start reading up for next semester. i am a new student at ucc/trinitas son and would like to know what are the required texts for this course nure 130. can anyone help????????
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  3. by   tayRN31
    Which class are you taking? I start this semester as well!
  4. by   goldengirl25
    I have the books you need. Please call me @9176223064.
  5. by   tayRN31
    You are not going to take 130
  6. by   damode
    I just finished 130 and it wasnt that bad. I must say it requires a lot of reading.You will be using 3textbook for the semester,one for medical terminology,dosage calculation and of course fundamentals of nursing by potter. You'll be having quizzes every 2weeks or so on medical teminology and dosage calculation.I think if you go on course links for trinitas,the required text should be put up by now.
  7. by   damode
    GOLDENGIRL 25 will you be taking 131 next semester ?
  8. by   RN20102010
    Damode did you take any other calsses with the nure 130 or did you take it by itself