Pace Univ. vs. Stony Brook

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone know how the nursing program at Pace University compares to that of Stony Brook? I would just like to get a feel as to how those two schools compare and what is the reputation of Pace Univ. in general. I am not from NY, and until I starting looking into nursing programs (accelerated BSN or BSN/MS), I had never heard of Pace. I would appreciate any response.
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  3. by   367tank
    I don't know about Stony Brook, but please avoid Pace a very negative environment. They also have problems with clinicals assignments. Please shop around for a nursing school. Find out their pass rate reguarding the NCLEX Pace is about 66%. Visit the campus if you can talk with the students see how they feel about. Remember its your time and money. Finally, Pace is over priced.