Organizing Tips Please!

  1. Just started working subacute rehab. Relatively new RN. just need helpful tips as to how to organize my day. Working 7-3 shift. Have been off orientation for 5 days. And have been getting out late every day (5:00!). I really want to streamline this. Do not want to get into trouble. Also we have computerized charting. I don't have computer password yet so I have been doing narrative charting. We have to chart on all pts. Number of pts vary due to staffing. We can have anywhere from 10-14 pts! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   KittyinNj
    make it a point to try to chart ur first round of assessment by such and such time, dont let little things distract ya
    i always set a certain time point to chart by, we had 2 assessments due by 5pm, some days id be able to get both in by 10am then 5pm. of course when ur day is crazy just allow urself (5 10 min to chart) 10 patients plus seems high but if your not doing full assessments then it wont be too bad?
  4. by   mariyahsmommy
    Thank you!