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  1. Hello all! I don't want to make this lengthy but feel the need to give background to my situation...

    I am a hopeful absn student looking solely at New Jersey schools. I went to Montclair State and graduated with a Family Child Studies degree with a concentration in family services. My grades were good in my undergrad but I am just finishing up the pre req science courses this fall/winter semester (ap II, micro, bio etc). I had to take out student loans but I had financial aid so my debt is manageable.

    With that being said I still want tuition as one of my main decision factors- that and finding a school that isn't ridiculously far away from me. I'm looking at NJCU in Brookdale's Wall campus as my first choice and Rutgers New Brunswick as my second. I'm hoping to find someone who is either in the program or an alumni that can give me some basics of their program!

    What was the total cost ( including fee and necessary equipment/insurance) ?

    How did you feel about the program preparing you for the NCLEX?

    What is the scheduling like for each semester? Did you feel like you could manage life outside of the program?

    Anything else you could possibly give me advice on... I'm all ears!!!

    Thank you guys in advance!!!
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