NJ School Accreditation

  1. Does anyone know what the differences are in accreditation? I recently went to an information session at Rutgers and they informed me that when applying make sure that the schools are accredited. She hinted that UMDNJ was not accredited and that students graduating from there are not getting jobs. I'm not sure if this is true. When I went to their website, they indicate that they are NLNAC accredited. Also, the NJ Board of Nursing website doesn't include UMDNJ as being CCNE accredited. Rutgers is CCNE accredited. What is the difference and is there one that's better than the other? Any advice is greatly appreciated...

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  3. by   muldoon
    i have absolutely no idea what that woman was talking about in reference to umdnj
  4. by   casanom
    Hi- I called and check with CCNE, NLNAC, and umdnj about the accreditation. I was assured that umdnj is accredited by NLNAC which is good news for all students. I did not have any doubts but wanted to double check. The reason why some school are not accredited by both association is just for political and money things.
  5. by   decartes
    UMDNJ is accredited!