NJ NCLEX Exam in the Philippines

  1. Hi everyone! I am in the Philippines and I am interested in getting the NCLEX exam for New Jersey in our country. After taking it, my husband will file for a spousal visa petition. If I would pass the exam and would be able to get to the US through the said petition , can I apply right away to any hospitals in New Jersey? Or am I going to go through a specific process prior to applying? Is there still a need for me to take TOEFL since I took the exam in the Philippines? Please help me out. Thank you.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You need a valid SSN to apply for a NJ nursing license by examination. You cannot apply for the nclex without authorization by the board of nursing.

    You need current proof of English language proficiency as well as a CES report from CGFNS.

    Most NJ hospitals are in need of currently experienced (5+ years) specialist nurses (OR, critical care, picu, NICU, ED, L& D, cardiac OR, etc), as are most hospitals in the NY Metro area
  4. by   GlammieRN
    A lot of hiring hospital in NJ.. But where in nj u gonna be?