Nj hospital recruiters

  1. I am looking for contact information for Northern NJ, Metro Area, RECRUITERS for HOSPITALS. PLease any help would be useful. Not only looking for Nursing, but would like to start out on the staff as Admin. as well. Thanks for any and all your help!
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  3. by   mamaafrica
    Hello.. I am also trying to apply for a new graduate position at saint barnabas hospital medical center and newark beth israel medical center but they have not called me yet?.. Can anyone out there help with numbers for the recruiters or what else i can do to get a job there?
  4. by   SteveNNP
    The purpose of this board is not to seek recruiters. All recruiters are screened/banned, as this site is for information/education, and allowing it to become riddled with ads for employment would be against the site Terms of Service.

    Good luck with your job hunt!