March 2017 Nurse Residency at Valley Health System in Ridgewood, NJ

  1. Hello everyone!
    Did anyone else apply to the program? I'm having a hard time finding people who got in that can give me an idea of what the interview process and training was like. Is anyone going to the open house? Looking forward to chat with other applicants.
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  3. by   njngg
    I just applied for the Fall 2017 class! Any advice for someone who hasn't even gotten a call back for an interview yet? They don't exactly give you much information on the website besides "attend the open house" which isn't for another 3 weeks.
  4. by   emrunner
    Hi, I'm actually looking to apply to the nurse residency program but I'm having trouble finding any information about it online. Was there somewhere on the Valley website that could connect to an application?
  5. by   nita123
    Can you Provide the link for the new grad program I can't seem to find it. Thank you!
  6. by   njngg
    The application was only up for about 3 weeks in the beginning of May. I'm not sure if they do another class in the Winter.