Look for RN refresher course

  1. I got my RN license in March 2008, but haven't work a day with my license because i just had twin boys. Now they are 9 years old, it's about time for me to look for a nursing job, but I feel that I have forgotten everything learned from nursing school, the only thing I have is my license . need to boost my confidence by taking some refresher course. Any recommendations? I live in central NJ. Thank you!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Most county colleges with nursing schools offer nurse refresher courses.
  4. by   megbabyrn
    i will be doing the same thing, hopefully soon! I just Googled it. Fortunately for you, there were plenty your way, just 2 for me. I understand that Univ of Delaware has an online course. I don't know about the clinical piece.
    Good luck