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  1. I despertely need to get a job while I am in nursing school. I have only two semesters left and the money is really short right now and my confidence level is really low. I've sent my resume to some hospitals in the area but I haven't got any answer from them so far. Does anyone have any idea/suggestion how to proceed? Do I have to get a CNA license first? If yes, how? I am looking for any position as long as it is in a hospital because I need more "hospital experience" before start hunting for jobs as an RN( I know, my insecurity is out of hand). I never imagined that would be this hard to find a hospital that hired nursing students. I live in the Newark area. :spin: Help please!
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  3. by   WOLFE
    Some of the hospitals have what is called an externship during the summer. After the externship one can possibly stay in the hospital as a patient care associate (assistant or tech). You may also want to inquiry about becoming a patient care associate...call the local hospitals and inquire with in Hr department...hope that helps........