HealthSouth Rehab in Toms River

  1. Any one work here or know anything about this place? I'm currently a new grad working in a hospital but considering a position here? I like the idea of being able to really better get to know patients and seeing them progress.. This place is also closer for me then where I'm currently at.. Just wondering if anyone has worked there/what they thought etc..
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  3. by   Sandi0302
    I am from Toms River...I work in an ALF and some of our residents come from there or go out to there from hospital. All I can say is I havent heard anything bad!
  4. by   NurseHeather1
    I did my clinical time there and my father was a patient there years ago! They are great!!

    I had bills to pay when I graduated so I chose to go to another facility that paid more or I would have applied!
    Good luck!