Chilton, Valley, St. Joe's (wayne and paterson), Hackensack......????

  1. Can anybody who works at any of the hospitals give me a little info please??? I'd like to know what your position is at which hospital, salary range, working environments.... like.... how are the fellow nurses' and doctor's attitudes?! etc.

    These are the hospitals closest to me and i would just like to know a little about them, like what they are looking for in terms of certifications and qualifications and all that good stuff .

    ANNNNNND ALSOOOOOOO anyone who works in Chilton.... HOW LONG did it take you to get hired there, or how many times have you submitted a resume before getting hired???

    any info is REALLY appreciated! thanks!!!:spin:
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    Nursing Spectrum is having a Career Fair in Edison, NJ Oct 26th ....good place to ask questions