Best Hospital in Bergen County for nursing

  1. I recently moved from NYC to Bergen County and kept my job in NYC with the hopes that the commute wouldn't be too bad. Well, the commute has been getting to me lately and I am looking to apply to hospitals in Bergen County in a few months. NYC offers a high salary so I am hoping to match it as closely as possible at a NJ hospital. So far I have looked into Hackensack Medical Center, Valley Hospital and Holy Name Hospital. I only know that the salary is Hackensack is pretty competitive but I don't know about the other hospitals.

    Any recommendations? Any places I should avoid? I expect the salary to be lower but I don't want a huge decrease in income. Thanks for any tips and advice!!
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  3. by   alphil
    heyy guys i'm moving to north jersey from texas in the next 6 months and I was wondering if the hospitals are hiring at this time , been a lpn on medsurg floor for 2 1/2/ years and in october i've been in critical care stepdown unit for a year this coming october as a RN , do I have a good chance of getting hired up there by any of the hospitals ???? any bit of information would help this TEXAN )))))