Bergen Regional Medical Center

  1. I would like to ask any background about this hospital... Please share every info you know about this hospital.... I really need to know... My agency told me that they have a job order in this hospital. What are the pros and cons with this hospital? Thank you so much every information will be highly appreciated...
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  3. by   kingarthur1983
    is your agency based in new york? my agency told me that i was assigned at bergen regional medical center. i heard from my cousin that hospital is formerly a public hospital but right now it was bought by someone.. the hospital is mostly on long-term care, they have a small area for ward.
  4. by   dudzy
    yes its a new york based hospital....
  5. by   kingarthur1983
    i think we have the same agency... is your agency name mdsi? how many years is your contract?
  6. by   dudzy
    yeah its mdsi.... its 3 years... whats your status now regarding your application?
  7. by   kingarthur1983
    my i140 was approved last april 2007... my pd date is october 31, 2006... how about you? whats your status?
  8. by   dudzy
    I sent u a PM... I want to ask a lot of things.. Thanks!