Anyone been accepted to Gloucester County College Fall '09?

  1. I was just wondering who else got in and maybe we could get to know each other?
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  3. by   marygkk
    Hey ashlea102188, I got into the program as while. Congratulations to you! Im so excited to start! Still have to do my CPR/BLS course in June! What is your nursing schedule like?
  4. by   ashlea102188
    I am doing my CPR course in June as well. I am not sure what days i have my classes I had to put my name on a wait list and they are supposed to call me and let me know what days i got..
  5. by   Skeletor
    Good luck to the future nursing students of GCC
  6. by   Panthyr
    I agree, good luck you guys! I remember this time last year when I was going through all this, so I know how exciting it is!