Any LPNs who graduated from Hudson County Community College in Jersey City?

  1. Any LPN's out here who graduated in hudson county community college in jersey city? I was planning to go there this coming fall semester but i just would like to know how was the program and your experiences
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  3. by   nomadicnurse
    I know it has been a long time since you posted, but I went to HCCC's LPN Program and finished in 2012. My professors were ***** and ****. They were the best, so wise and made things fun. This program was a great time in my life. I came on board completely new to medicine, and had no idea about anything. Now I am working through RN School. The LPN program at HCCC really helped me thrive in RN school, and helped me discover my real passion for nursing. The clinics were great as well, I learned a great deal. Good luck!
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