Any info appreciated:Christ Hospital Jersey City

  1. I will be graduating as an RN in May, and I'm in between applying and interviewing at Christ Hospital in Jersey City. I discovered them at the 2007 Nursing Student Convention in Atlantic City about a month ago....Does anyone have any information about working here. Know any nurses who work there and what they have to say?
    Any info at all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks....
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  3. by   katypurry
    I was a graduate of Christ Hospital School of Nursing last year. They offered us a sure position in the hospital.. long story short, a floor was closed, nurses got bumped, a lot of people left. I'm just not sure if it is still stable or not. But it's a very nice hospital. the people there are very friendly. Plus, i think their pay is the same as saint barnabas livingston for new grads.