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  1. Hi everyone! I need 6 more months of school to graduate. I got very sick (in front of professors, my class and patients) on a routine basis. Since my instructors were aware of my sickness I was allowed to take a break to heal and then return.
    The school's director wants me to now return ad an evening student. Here's my issue... I have a young autistic son. I do not have anyone who can care for him, give him the special attention that he needs, follow routine/schedule, cook and feed him dinner, help with homework, bathe, medicate and get ready for bed. Not to mention days where he has activities and medical visits. My husband works until late and and sometimes doesn't return home because work can take him states away. We do not have family close by or anyone who is familiar with how to care for a child with special needs. Respite services only help with occasional care. With school fees and such, we do not have money to pay for care even if I could find someone.
    Here's my issue... Since I did not apply as an evening student can they force me to attend evening classes and make this my only option? Not sure how to go over the head of the director if it comes to a point where I need to.
    Thanks in advance!
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