Accepted to NJCU's ABSN Fall 2012 JC Cohort

  1. I decided to start another topic for people who've been accepted into the program and are planning on attending. Hopefully, financial aid won't come in between us and our dreams! Let's stick together in it now and through the end. With medical studies, one man armies don't always work. Keep that in mind!

    So, why not introduce ourselves a bit?

    I'm a current resident of Jersey City, NJ
    Age 24
    And I like long walks on the beach...LOL ok seriously though...I've wanted to study nursing since 2009!
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  3. by   SoniaR76
    Hi PrettyLady. Great idea on this thread!

    My name is Sonia... I currently live in Harrison. I'm 35 years old and decided to go into nursing when I had my daughter 2 months prematurely in 2009. She spent a month in the NICU, and so basically I did too and I envied the jobs of the nurses every day. Big career change for me but I'm into it in full force. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing from some of our other classmates.
  4. by   PrettyLady87
    I haven't been on this thing in a while, but I figured I'd come lurking around being that class starts next week! I'm not on Facebook, so I plan on using for any future forms of communication and study posts.